Septic Tank Covers Overview

What Is A Septic Tank?

Before knowing about the importance of Septic Tank Covers it is necessary for you to understand the basics about a septic tank. In general septic tanks are used in homes where the common sewerage systems are not made available in rural places. These tanks can hold a few thousand gallons of waste material from the homes. All the waste materials from laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens are collected in these unique tanks which are located a bit away from these homes. These tanks are well connected by the plumbing pipes which are leading to these septic tanks. The tanks are well protected by using Septic Tank Covers – which are visible above ground. Home owners have the responsibility of cleaning these septic systems as and when needed. It is mandatory to clean these tanks at least once every three years.

Septic Tank Installation- Do’s And Don’ts

Home builders need to be cautious on some matters while installing the septic systems in their homes. Some of the Do’s and Don’ts are given below that will be helpful..

Septic Tank CoversDo’s

-Home owners need to be aware of the location of the septic system and should keep a sketch of the system mentioning the exact location. This will be of great help while maintaining the entire system which occur once every five years or so.

-Inspection of the septic system has to be done annually.

-An approved contractor has to be appointed for general maintenance and pumping out the waste when needed.

- The Septic Tank Covers should be easily accessible for regular maintenance. In order to locate them easier, home owners can install risers as per the size of the covers.

- A log book needs to be maintained for all the activities done on these septic systems.

- One has to keep other water sources like rainwater away from the home septic systems.


- One should not try to get into the septic system as dangerous gases are produced inside the tank.

- One should not be allowed to park vehicles near any part of the septic system.

- No repair work has to be carried out on these septic systems without obtaining permission from the health department.

Importance Of Septic Tank Covers

Undoubtedly a open septic system without a lid will invite many sorts of problems in terms of health, environmental concerns, and even safety. Such septic system will allow the external objects entering the septic tank that will surely disturb the anaerobic environment of the entire septic system. Making the tank without oxygen seems to be anaerobic and such situations are very critical in the process of waste decomposition. Hence the Septic Tank Covers play a crucial role in the human waste management system. For the benefit of the readers some more factors are discussed here on the importance of these septic system covers.

•    These tank covers keep bad odors as well as smells away from the home.

•    Many times these covers add some aesthetic value to the external environment.

•    Do not allow the rain water to percolate the septic wastage.

•    In the places like heavy traffic these covers prevent the septic system to collapse.

•    More importantly the covers allow easy maintenance as well as offer easier inspection.

Various Types Of Septic Tank Covers

Septic Tank Covers come in many types and designs. They are made of different materials which include steel, plastic and concrete. The strengths of these materials make these cover to cost high as they often offer great strength to the entire septic system. Interestingly these septic tank lids can able to handle the weight of a single adult without any buckling effect. This seems to be the USP of these covers. As these covers protect a very large area much bigger than its own size, there no compromise made in designing these covers.They stand rock solid as a ship in the ocean. Installing a strong cover will certainly save the home owners from any grief.